Wednesday, 20 February 2013

[Castle In the Sky - 2] Brotherly Advice

Kenneth sat on the window sill of his room and stared down at the town below. It always made him highly uncomfortable. The thought his parents had some kind of God complex made him physically ill.  Stretching his legs out before him, he inhaled deeply, causing his shoulders to rise and fall heavily. 

A soft knock came on the door and he frowned. He couldn't understand why his brothers were there. Jarrod, the youngest of the three Roddicks, took nothing serious. He was too young to understand life could be a pain in the ass most days. Then there was Eric, the oldest, sensible and serious most times. He'd gone through some of the horrible strikes life tossed your way and came out ahead. Kenneth wasn't that strong. 

"Come in," he called, but didn't look away from the view. 

The door creaked and heavy footsteps fell slowly before the door sounded and clicked. For a moment, whoever entered said nothing and Kenneth was starting to think he'd imagined someone knocking.

"I always wondered why mom and dad chose this area," Eric spoke softly.  He sat on the window sill by Kenneth's feet. "It just made the town hates us even more than they already do."

Kenneth chuckled. "You know what's funny? I don't care if they hate us. Wait, correct that.  Before last week I didn't give a damn."

"What's changed?"

"Ever meet a girl that you adore--that the moment you see her you know you never want her to leave your bed or your heart...I mean, like ever?"

Eric laughed. "Not yet. I'm hoping soon. But I can imagine."

Kenneth pulled his legs beneath his bum and leant in, elbows resting on his knees. "No. Don't imagine. Think for a second. She's beautiful-and you crave her and you know you shouldn't but you still want to feel her hands on you, her lips on yours..."

"Kenny...did you meet a guy?"

"Kinda. And he hates my guts."

Kenneth flopped back to the wall he'd been leaning on and crossed his arms. 

"Oh. That's not good."

"I know that," Kenneth pointed out. "I see him wielding this sledgehammer and lord knows the things I was thinking could make even a hooker blush. Then I tried talking to him and he told me to go to hell."

"Damn. Wait...Clifton Fuller--he's the one you hired to merge the rooms. Why did you want those rooms merged after all these years?"

Kenneth always told himself it was because he wanted a bigger library. But who needed a bigger library when it encompassed a whole damn floor except the one room? "I've had my eyes on him for years I just didn't know how else to get him close."

"So what happens when he's finished the work?"

That question took him off guard and he felt a pain in his heart. The truth was he didn't really think of that before. Making a face, he eased forward and pressed his forehead into Eric's shoulder. "Shit. Shit. Shit."

Eric caressed his back. "Well the work is going to take a while for one man to complete. It's weird he doesn't have someone helping him."

"Not really. He's kind of a perfectionist with his work. You should see what he did to Marley's place. It's like a beautiful piece of perfected art."

"But then again, you're biased." Eric laughed. "Kenneth. You're a great guy. Any man would be happy to have you. Just tell this guy how you feel."

"Can't." Kenneth smooshed his face into Eric's shoulder. He continued talking until Eric took his shoulders and pushed gently back.

"I can't hear when you talk into my shoulders."

Kenneth blushed. "Sorry. I said, I can't just walk up to him and go hey Clifton! Guess what? I want your body in all the naughty ways Fifty Shades of Grey talked about and then some. Do you know how fast he'd slap a sexual harassment lawsuit on me? My grand children would feel it."

"So you do plan on having children!" Eric's eyes lit up.

"Of course. I'm gay not impotent." 

He realized how harsh that sounded so he hugged Eric tightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bite your head off." He let go. "I just wish this could be easier."

"Love is never easy. And I know its too early to say you love this man but if its eating you away like this I know its something serious. If you need my help..."

"Don't tell Jarrod about this, please? You know how he gets. He's going to find out I feel something for this guy and then go out of his way to try and set us up and we both know how well his hook-ups end."

Eric laughed. "Yeah. Now come on. We're having a few beers and playing some video games."

"Like old times."

"Precisely. Just like old times." Eric patted Kenneth's shoulder and rose.

Kenneth took one final look out the window, then followed his big brother to the games room.

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