Tuesday, 26 March 2013

[Castle in the Sky 7] In the Gutter

The saying should be idle minds are the devil's playground for the moment Clifton stopped working due to his aching shoulders, his mind slipped to Kenneth, naked and pulsing in his hands. He bowed his head in shame. Where did that thought even come from? Just because he saw the man naked--correction, in a towel--covered in suds he so desperately wanted to lick off, especially the one that was over Kenneth right nipple, didn't mean he had a right to be thinking like he was.

Every free moment he got turned into a red light special inside his head and after fighting it for so long, Clifton indulged, letting the warmth of the thought of holding Kenneth down to his bed and taking him hard and fast from behind carry him to the pulsing of their bodies against each other. He pressed his back to the wall, placed the level he'd been using between his outstretched legs and stared down at the front of his pants where his dick was busy swelling under the thought. Rubbing a gloved hand over the bulge, he moaned, focusing on the thought of Kenneth, fully naked with those eyes of light staring through him.

This reaction wasn't something he expected or needed.  He couldn't allow himself to betray his mother any more than he already had by working for a Roddick. But now his body was burning in ways that left him gasping, unable to breathe and wanting. The only way he knew to put that flame out was to let Kenneth seduce him, then plunged his ready cock so deep into Kenneth, he- Clifton- would cease to exist for that moment. To make matters worse, Clifton hadn't bottomed for anyone in almost ten years--he didn't trust anyone like that. So when he wondered what it would be like to assume the position, bracing his palms into the wall, back arched and ass out for Kenneth's plundering he felt he had no control left.

"This is fucking crazy," Clifton muttered. "So I saw the man half naked. I see that all the time. Why is he so different?"

But the answer was simple. Kenneth was forbidden. Bedding a Roddick was an un-written no-no and he knew full well. The way Kenneth approached him and told him precisely what he was after was another tun-on for Clifton. At that moment, being so closed, trapped in the doorway with his boss he wanted to just bend forward and suck those lush lips into his mouth.

Rising, he walked across the dusty room and peered out the window to the large front yard. A car was pulling on the driveway. Tilting his head, he watched until Kenneth climbed out and opened the back door of the vehicle.

He could enjoy fucking Kenneth and what a good fuck it could be....

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  1. Oh my......Me thinks he's got him.....my imagination is going wild.....*fans face*