Tuesday, 9 April 2013

[Castle in the Sky - 9] This Kiss

Cliff wasn't sure what came over him or why he even did what he did. Touching Kenneth was such a bad idea he was left stunned at the overwhelming sensation of it. Still he smiled and allowed his hand to fall back to focus on eating. 

"Okay so now we fall back into the awkwardness between us."

Clifton smiled. "For now, it's just lunch. I thought we were just going to do a little bit of dancing around the idea of you and I."

"Is that what you want?"

"Well, I don't know. I've never had a man go out of his way to woo me or anything before."

Kenneth stuffed a piece of cheese into his mouth. He chewed with a thoughtful look on his face for a moment before saying anything. "So let me ask you this. Do you think you could see yourself with me? Forget whatever it is that makes you look at me like I punched your baby."

Clifton laughed. "Punched my baby? I've never heard it put like that before. But okay. I can see myself with just about anyone. I just--I don't know what to expect with you and if I let myself go there I will have to face my mother with whatever demons she has in her closet with your family and I don't know if I could break her heart like that."

"I see. Do you think I'm sexy?"

"That's beside the point."

"No it's not. Everything that leads to love starts with an attraction. If you don't like what you see then your heart won't go any further if you don't feel something there. So, do you think I'm sexy."

Clifton remained silent, chewing. He went over what Kenneth said in his head but couldn't even believe he was even thinking about this. But the truth was Kenneth was partially right and the other thing he thought about was his mother can't just tell him to stay away and not say why. She hasn't been able to give him a good reason why he should carry on a hatred for a family who probably didn't know they existed. His body wanted Kenneth and if he would just let himself go there, he could be so happy--if only for a moment. 

"I think you're sexy--I saw you partially naked, remember?" Clifton admitted. "I still don't think that's so important."

"Could you see me in your bed?"

"Now there's a question that means something."

Kenneth chuckled. "I'm asking you this because right now I want you to kiss me and I was trying desperately to work my way up to it."

Clifton eased closer to Kenneth against his better judgment.  He caught his host behind the neck and drew even closer. Their lips collided and without thinking, Clifton shoved his tongue out in search for Kenneth's.  When they finally met, A spark he didn't want to end, ever shot through his core, dancing down his spine and hardening his cock.  Kenneth moaned and Clifton pulled back.

"Damn," Kenneth panted softly. "Do that again."

"No--bad idea. Let's just finish lunch."

Kenneth said nothing and when Clifton looked up, his host was smiling. 

"What's so funny?" Clifton asked. 

"I've tasted you now, Clifton. There's no turning back after that."

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  1. Damn......Clifton better watch out...its on like donkey kong....Kenneth has had a taste and what a taste it was.....damn