Tuesday, 12 March 2013

[Castle in the Sky - 5] Coming to An Understanding

Clifton muttered under his breath as he stared at the blue print on the floor.  He followed the waterline all the way to the basement of the large house and inspected it carefully. Grabbing his tools, he tried to walk by Kenneth but the soap covered man was blocking his way from the room.

"You're in the way," Clifton frowned.

"I know that," Kenneth's voice was slow his breath flowing over Clifton neck as softly as a caress.  "I need to say something to you."

Clifton inhaled and looked up at the ceiling trying desperately to settle his rappidly pounding heart. Kenneth was too close. The scent of his bodywash left Clifton dizzy and throbbing in all the right places--or wrong places. He prayed for sanity and control. And just in case the fates weren't listening, he braced a hand into the wall opposite Kenneth's head.

"I don't know why you dislike me so much," Kenneth spoke. "And I don't particularly care anymore. We've tried it the old way, now let's try it this way. I want you, Clifton."

"Yeah right."

"I do. And I really didn't want to be so crude about it but you've been acting like my wanting you is such a horrible thing."

"I could quit."

Kenneth smiled, a beautiful light broke his eyes and spread his face. "Yeah, you could. But you won't."

"What makes you think that?" Clifton lowered his head just the few inches it took to bring his lips to Kenneth's left ear.

"You're a man, Clifton. You're curious as to the lengths I would go to  in order to get you into my bed. Tell me I'm wrong."

Muttering under his breath, Clifton eased by Kenneth then and made his way down the corridor and a winding staircase. He couldn't believe this man. Just because Kenneth had a conversation with Clifton's best friend it doesn't give Kenneththe right to act like he knew Clifton inside and out.

In the semi darkness of the basement he glanced down at his throbbing cock. "And what in the hell man," he spoke to it. "You're supposed to have my back but the sight of him shirtless, knowing he's wearing nothing under that towel but air makes you happpy? Gimme a break dude."

His penis merely twitched with delight.  "Traitor."

He set to work on the water.  The system was really quite elaborate. Turned out there was a knob that was thrown the wrong way. For the first time he wondered if Kenneth did it on purpose. Purhaps that was one of this little game. Kenneth was right though--Clifton was curious as to how far Kenneth would go to woo him as it were. Just the thought of that man build and tanned writhing under him made his dick do a little dance. "Un-frigging-believable."

Flipping the knob back in the direction it should be, he listened to the slight whoosh of water populating the pipes again. Once he was sure the water was back, he made his way back to the room where Kenneth was still standing, staring at the gaping hole in the wall.

"Your water is back, your highness," Clifton couldn't help himself.

Kenneth turned to eye him. "Can I offer you some breakfast?"

"I already ate."

"Lunch then..."

Clifton smiled. "You're serious."

"What gave it away?"

Nodding, Clifton inhaled. "Alright. Lunch. I'll have lunch with you."

"Good then. I'll be going out after my shower and I will be back for lunch."

With a final undressing with his eyes, Kenneth exited the room leaving Clifton to wonder what in the hell was that all about.  Kenneth couldn't be serious. There was no way a Roddick could be remotely interested in a blue collar, working class guy. 

All the same, this little game Kenneth wanted to play could be interesting.

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  1. Loved it....Cant wait to see *WHO* is on the menu for lunch...Loved the way Keneeth finally laid it out there for Clifton and Clifton lecturing himself was hilarious....Is it Tuesday again yet....Holding breath til then.