Thursday, 14 March 2013

[Stuck on Rewind-3] Lance's Legs in Mesh

"Lance, do you need a ride…"

Ashton finished towel drying his hair and blinked at his friend from under the damp cotton. He licked his lips, mouth going dry as he watched the black net stocking slowly travel up a white calf, over the knee, and stop midway on a sculpted thigh. Shit, that was hot. Lance giggled and Ashton's gaze shot to his face. His friend winked a mascaraed lash, basking in the attention he seemed to crave.

Lance straightened, keeping his foot on the chair and showing a dangerous amount of white skin between the lace ruffled stocking and the strip of a skirt he wore. "Like? They're new," he asked, coy.

"You're going to drive the boys wild tonight. Let me see."

Lance lowered his foot and faced Ashton, and suddenly bit his lip. A pretty blush tinged his cheeks and Ashton's heart skipped a little. Small wonder men fell on their knees for his best friend. The black fishnet showed his lovely legs to perfection, a delicious bulge pushed against the front of the tiny skirt, and miles of creamy skin rose from a slim waist to pale nipples and a sweet, flawless face. The black lace bowtie on his slim throat was a sin in itself.

"Turn around," Ashton demanded, unable to keep the huskiness from his voice. If anything Lance's blush deepened as he faced the wall. Holy fuck! The scrap of plaid barely covered the perfect ass. If Lance bent even slightly…

Ashton quickly dropped the towel to cover his reaction, barely able to stop himself from slapping that beautiful roundness. What he wouldn't give to feel Lance buck in his hands as he pulled those sweet cheeks apart and slid into…

Stifling a groan, he crossed the small room and fell on his bed, making sure the towel stayed bunched on his lap. Shit, he needed to get laid.

"Um…can I move yet?"

Ashton laughed and rolled to his side to face his friend. Lance peeked over his shoulder at him, mischief dancing on his face.

"You know I love you, right?" Ashton asked. "You're perfection, hon. I don't think you'll make it off the stage alive tonight. But why dressed so early?"

"Trix wants to practice. Then he's taking me to brunch."

"You'll change, right?" Shit. Ignoring Lance's amused laughter; he rolled off the bed and stomped to the miniscule closet to pick the inevitable black pants and white button-down shirt for work. He kept his back to Lance until he could hide the evidence of his interest behind the zipper of his slacks, then turned, keeping his eyes on the buttons of his shirt as he did them up. He glanced across the room at Lance's continued silence, and his brain went numb. Lance was bent over the vanity applying lip gloss in the mirror. The skirt lifted enough to show the bottom of his ass and the sweet cleft haunting Ashton's fantasies.


He met Lance's eyes in the mirror, seeing his own hunger reflected in Lance's hot gaze. Instant, searing lust scorched through him, licked his balls. His arching dick pulled him to his best friend's side. Lance faced him, lean chest heaving, a thousand emotions chasing through his cornflower blue eyes. He smiled, tentative, and wound one of Ashton's dark curls around a finger. "Hey."

Ashton couldn't speak, throat tight and aching. There was so much he wanted to tell this man, but words were beyond him.

Lance's smile turned gentle, sweet. He touched Ashton's mouth with his thumb and Ashton's lips parted. Please! He'd waited a lifetime for this kiss. He licked dry lips and saw Lance's eyes darken.

"Baby," Lance murmured and lowered his head. Before their lips touched the doorbell peeled through the apartment, breaking them apart. Ashton blinked stupidly as a wide, delighted smile sprang on Lance's face. He made a gleeful sound of pleasure as he trotted across the room to answer the door. Ashton swallowed hard, his euphoria bursting in the face of reality when Lance opened the door and the whirlwind that was Trix swept inside.

He was the same height as Lance, but where his friend was willowy and graceful, Trix was fit, muscular, and devastating in the same black lace and mini as Lance wore. He threw Ashton a friendly smile. "Hey."

"Hi, Trix. Let me find my shoes and I'll be out of your way."

"No rush."

Ashton studied the beautiful man. Trix had his dark hair in a braid and Ashton was sure the warm chocolate eyes were outlined in black eyeliner. Fabulous. Lance joined him and Ashton's blood dropped to his dick when they kissed. Sweet fuck, he wanted them on his bed, hot cocks in each of his hands, lush mouths on his body…

He glanced away, furious with himself at a stab of jealousy when Lance moaned. Spotting his shoes under the bed, he retrieved them. He had to get the hell out of there, right fucking now.

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