Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[Castle in the Sky 6] Let the Games Begin

Kenneth returned to his shower and after letting the water run a little to warm up, he stepped into the tub and rinse the dried suds from his body.  He was breathing kind of hard because what he just did took something out of him.  He asn't accustomed to being so forward with a man but Clifton just had a way of bringing that out in him. There was no figuring out what just happened, Kenneth knew that so he pulled himself together as best he could, finished his shower. If he was going to make lunch he would have to run his errands almost at the speed of light.

He dressed in a pair of jeans and a graphic shirt and grabbed a few things before hurrying from the house. His first stop was to put in an order at the local diner. He wasn't sure what to get so he ordered Reuben Sandwiches, sliced fruits, two bottles of homemade orange juice. Everything else was probably in the fridge at home.  Second stop was to his brother Eric.

"I brought you coffee." He handed the older Roddick a cup from the diner.

"Thanks. I didn't expect you today. You alright?"

Kenneth slid his body into the seat and inhaled. "I don't know. I could be making a big ass out of myself and for some reason I just can't stop it."

"Stop what?"

"Stop this thing I'm doing with Clifton."

"The last time we talked, you weren't doing anything. What's changed?"

Kenneth leaned forward, placed his coffee on the desk and met his brother's intense stare. "I told Kenneth. I cornered him and told him I want him and wasn't going to stop at anything until that happened."

Eric went silent then laughter rippled from his lips. "Wait...what?"

Kenneth frowned. "It's not funny."

"Let me get this straight," Eric said, sitting beside Kenneth. "You just walked up to this man, who apparently dislikes you and said I want you in the worse possible way and I'm not going to stop until you're in my bed--what'd you think of that!"

"Pretty much. Stupid, right?"

"Whoa! Kenny boy! My man!" Eric grinnned.

"You're not helping!"

"Of course I am. I'm encouraging my brother to go for what he wants. Look, the honest truth, right?"

Kenneth nodded.

"So let's be honest. I've seen the men you dated. They are all high society types, wealthy types and they throw themselves at you because they're greedy and want your money, your body and your looks on their arms. This man is doing everything in his power to get away from you--he doesn't make millions a year and he wants nothing to do with you so he doesn't want your money or your body."

"Don't stop there--tell me how you really feel."

Eric winced. "That came out wrong. Let me try again. He doesn't want your money so if you manage to take him out on a date and he sees the real you he can fall for that and you'll know its real."

Kenneth nodded. "He agreed to lunch with me today."

"That's a step in the right direction. So why are you here talking to me? Shouldn't you be preparing?"

"I am. I ordered lunch and will pick it up on my way home again. I just needed my brother right now because it dawned on me, this man could be it. He could be the end of my search."

Eric nodded in agreement. "So, take it slow. Think before you speak. Don't throw the money around because he obviously doesn't need it."

Kenneth inhaled, hugged his brother and after a few other quick words of encouragement from Eric, he was out the door and speeding toward his next errand.

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  1. You tell 'em Eric.....Kenneth listen to your brother....I love the encouragement that Eric gives Kenneth....nothing like the love of a brother to keep you on the right path....love it as always. Can't wait for the date.....