Thursday, 25 April 2013

[Woo - 1] Here Comes Bryce...

My mother always told me to beware things that comes too easy. My whole life she kept beating that thought into my head. So when Bryce searched me out and confessed his undying love for me, I didn't know what to do-aside from tear assing across the parking lot as if someone just offered to set my trousers on fire.  For years I'd been searching for love. So many Valentine's Day I spent alone and confused. I know I financed someone's college fund over at Haagen Dazs.

Then out of the blue, this man looked as if he stepped out of fucking G.I Joe shows up at my business, eyes big and brown telling me he adored me.


I mean, seriously who did that?

He called after me, begging me to stop but if I did I know for sure I would have made a bigger fool out of myself. I slid easily into the seat of my Benz and peeled from the parking lot, tires screeching on the asphalt, almost taking out the valet. He screamed, tossed some profanities my way then tied it up nicely by giving me the finger.  I could only guess he didn't realise I signed his pay checks every week.

I sped through the amber light and flipped a left at the first turn and only slowed when I looked back and couldn't see the lights from the restaurant.  I could scarcely breathe at the rate my heart was beating. My brain could barely decipher what was happening and seemed to slow down to figure it out. It was running on auxillary and I couldn't say I blame it.

Bryce Sheppard was the man from everyone's dreams. He was sexy, brown eyes to bend you to his will and every dirty and delicious thing you could possible think of to do to a man's body, I've thought of it. There was a point it got out of hand because I wanted to dip him in caramel and lick him until he exploded for me. 

My fingers shook on the wheel. Bryce Sheppard filled my dreams at nights from I was eighteen until the moment he showed up at my bar ordering a beer. But what was I supposed to do about that? Fifteen years before he took off the moment he thought I was beginning to catch feelings for him. He ran so far he joined the military and wound up fighting rebels in Chechnya. Was I supposed to forgive that?

He broke my heart the day he simply just took off without a goodbye but most importantly, he broke me.

So why did I still yearn for him?

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