Tuesday, 30 April 2013

[Castle in the Sky - 12] The Dare

Kenneth opened his eyes and rolled over. For a moment he lay there, waiting-not particularly sure why. His alarm clock blared beside him and after slamming a fist into it, he pressed his eyes closed. Then he heard it--the familiar sound of tools operating in his house. Jerking upward, he jumped from the bed but failed. His feet tangled with the sheets and he hit the floor hard.

He grunted, rolled from side to side as pain charged up his spine. For a second, he couldn't concentrate on nothing but the hurt and once his body could tolerate it, he lifted his shoulder and glared at the sheet, still wrapped around one of his ankle. A power tool hummed again and reminded him of why he was in such a rush.

"Get off me!" he muttered, wrenching his foot from its trap. "Shit man."

Finally free, he stood and hauled on a pair of track pants. He shoved his fingers through his hair, quickly rinsed his mouth in his en-suite bathroom then made his way, barefooted down the hall. As he drew closer, the sound stopped, followed by hammering then silence. Scampering down the steps, he skidded to a halt by the door where Clifton was busy--headphones on, hard hat on, goggles on and was peering pensively at something on the floor.

Kenneth waited until Clifton removed his goggles and headphones before speaking. "Good morning."

Clifton shoved to his feet and whirled around. "Morning."

Kenneth walked slowly, cautiously into the room.

"You're supposed to be wearing a hard hat in here--construction zone."

"We're going there again?"


"The place where you pretend I didn't kiss you and you didn't enjoy it."

Clifton chuckled and placed his hat on the floor before shoving the goggles into them. The headphones he placed on the ground beside the hat and took a step toward Kenneth. He traced a finger between Kenneth's pecs sending lightening through the Roddick's body. The finger was rough, calloused-the finger of a man who'd done some hard work in his life. Kenneth wanted to feel the whole hand so he gripped Clifton's wrist and pushed. The contractor's palm hit Kenneth's chest but Kenneth didn't stop there. He dragged the rough hand over his body, across his chest to graze his nipple. He whimpered. His eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"You've got morning wood, Kenny?" Clifton whispered. His voice was close to Kenneth's ear. "And you think I can help you with that problem? Is that it?"

"There's more to it..." Kenneth continued moving the hand back and forth, teasing the bud and gasping from the wonderful fire that filled his veins. "Damn, that's so good."

"Here's the deal," Clifton bit Kenneth's earlobe. "You want me in your bed? You're going to have to seduce me. Make me want to take that ass - Can you do that, Kenneth?"

Kenneth's eyes snapped open. Why would Clifton think he would bottom for him? The man just assumed.

He released Clifton's hand but the infuriating, sexy as sin man, merely smirked, pinched Kenneth's nipple and left the room.

As Kenneth stood there, a hot, trembling mess, he knew what he had to do. He was going to show Clifton a seduction he'd never forget.


  1. Let the seduction begin.....Damn I can't wait....Sorry Im a day late bae...got my days confused...I won't let it happen again....love ya

    1. lol don't worry about it. I forgot it was Tuesday and was late posting it *snickers*