Thursday, 2 May 2013

[Woo - 2] Rude Awakening

I stood before the full length mirror, wet and naked. For a while I merely stood there, staring into my reflection's eyes wondering why I was the way I was. I always looked a gift horse in the mouth and questioned everything. Look at the deal with Bryce--He said he wanted to get to know me again, become my man and see where things went. What did I do? Run away like a child and questioned it all.

My eyes roamed down my reflection's body.  I was good looking--I had carmel skin, darkened by the sun with big brown eyes with long lashes.  My nose was flat but it was still something I could be proud of and thick full lips. My body was built, not because I spent hours in the gym--sure I went to the gym three times a week but didn't spend more than an hour each time. The body came from all the time I spend in Indian with my family. I took great pride in that.

So why wouldn't Bryce want me? I think I could be considered something sexy-right?

Frowming, I tore my eyes away from my reflection's accusations of cowardice and reached for a towel. I passed it over my body, catching a few wayward drops of water then chucking it on the floor. I padded my naked body into the bedroom and hauled on a pair of boxers then pj bottoms. Even as I lay there in the wee hours of the morning, I just couldn't focus on anything but what happened at the club that night. I cursed myself. I cursed Bryce. I cursed my mind for bringing this man in and not letting me sleep. 

By the time morning came, I felt as if I was worked over by a really large man and left there, eyes burning, muscles aching, wanting and panting. Someone was knocking but I rolled to my side and curled into a ball, desperately trying to ignore it, hoping they would go away.

But to my horror they didn't. The knocking stopped, then suddenly something tapped into my window. With an arched brow, I laid still. Perhaps I'd only imagined it.






"Alright already!" I screamed, struggling to get out of bed. The sheets had tangled around my feet in my hurry to get up. "Keep your pants on." My eyes caught the clock and my ire only rose higher. "Someone had better be dying or bleeding to death!"


"Hold-the-fuck-on!" I bellowed.



tap, tap!

Walking to the window, I shoved the curtains apart, fury charging through me and shoved the window up. I was just in time to catch a small pebble to the nose. "Son of a bitch! What? What in the hell do you want! What could be so damned important you had to interrupt my insomnia, huh?" I shoved half my body precariously out the window and shouted with a fist raised.


Bryce! What the fuck man!

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